fear of words

Who here is afraid of words? In my work as a designer, I’m not. I’m happy to cut, rearrange, rephrase and make copy better (in my opinion).

In my work as an artist/poet/diarist, I am.

Fear of words paralyzes. Hence the 7 months of silence.

If I write honestly about a situation-an experience-exploring the psychology of it all, it could go all wrong.

Diarist? That’s a stretch. Every time I buy a notebook, I am afraid to mar it with my writing. In my hand, a pen crushes the paper. Ink bleeds, paper becomes braille, my hand twitches, a mess is made.

Years ago, I had the same problem with making images: painting, printing, whatever. My antidote was to buy a slew of graffiti markers and make a mess of a dozen sketchbooks.

Perhaps I should do the same when I’m writing. What about you?

Originally published at https://polyvoix.com on October 18, 2021.



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